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Revolution Nutrition was founded in 2007 by a young team of health and technology enthusiasts. Revolution quickly became the industry standard for its unparalleled mainstream approach which brought immediate attention to the brand through a broad demographic of people, ranging from health and wellness enthusiasts to the general public community.

From its inception, Revolution was profoundly built on research and development which has contributed to bringing to the market ‘’outside of the box’’ innovative concepts along with unmatchable formulations.

Innovative And Intensive Research

Revolution made the supplement world evolve very rapidly. With an extensive assortment of real dessert and candy flavored food and supplement products, replicating to the detail the utmost experience, Revolution Nutrition brought to the health community, the most delicious and innovative protein powders ever developed. In 2016 Revolution became the fastest growing sports nutrition brand in North America winning awards such as ‘’Brand of the year’’ and ‘’Most innovative sports nutrition Brand’’ at several big box stores across North America. Throughout the year of 2019, Revolution has evolved its business model into the most sophisticated e-commerce platform and became a fully integrated and automated B2C business model.


cGMP Facility

Revolution Nutrition is uniquely positioned in the marketplace as a fully integrated ‘‘manufacture to manufacture’’ B2C e-commerce business model. Revolution Nutrition is one of the world's most popular sports nutrition brand and it owns a state of the art, site licence, FDA licence, GMP licence and FOOD safety establishment facility licence. Revolution does manufacture brands for some of the largest retailers in the world.

What Do We Offer


Our products are manufactured in our own Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified facility to ensure the highest quality standards. Each and every lot of all products are tested by our Quality Assurance department and by a third-party laboratory to ensure maximum quality control. We take pride in offering the highest standards to our customers.